The importance of decontamination and Effective cleaning in our work places.

Decontamination is the process of removing or neutralizing hazardous substances from people, equipment, and the environment. This process is important in order to reduce further exposures and spread of the contaminant to other areas/individuals.

Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment. Cleaning occurs in many different contexts, and uses many different methods. Several occupations are devoted to cleaning.

Decontamination, disinfection and cleaning are very important in our work places like the hospitals, schools, markets, malls, banks, offices, churches, mosque and public places for the control healthcare-acquired infections (HAI).

Cleaning Crew Nigeria recognized the importance of hand washing and cleanliness. With the  covid 2 virus known as COVID-19  pandemic demonstrate that there are major challenges in the world of disinfection and decontamination and as cleaning and hygiene management  professionals it is our duty to remain vigilant, active in the course of Decontamination, disinfection and cleaning against  disease threats by devising techniques and strategies in preventing transmission in our work place.

Its very important we adopt a full scale hand washing hygiene culture in our daily lives

So for most of us, the best we can do is to use the wash basin and soap, water for 20s and wash your hands thoroughly. Make sure you wash your hands at key times:

When you arrive home, take your coat and shoes off and then wash your hands before touching anything else. I have a sticky note by the door to remind everyone

When you leave the house (stops spreading illness)

After using the toilet

After using a tissue

Before preparing ready-to-eat food or eating with your fingers

After preparing raw foods

When you arrive at work

After taking care of anyone who is sick, or handling their laundry, or cleaning up

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